What I Learned this Spring {2018}

I’m still hanging onto the emjoii’s, so again, no judging allowed! Actually, I wrote up my seasonal “What I Learned” list from author Emily P. Freeman on Instagram again, but I found I had more words than the app would let me share, so I think I’ll be back to blogging them come the end of summer. Until then, here’s what I found myself learning this season.

Reading the Bible Chronologically is hard 🙏🏻

In January, I started a 1 year reading plan, & made it through Genesis, Job, & Exodus before I flopped. I love reading, especially the Word, but I just couldn’t focus. So I tried something different. I jumped into the @cultivatewhatmattersWTW journals (Faith & Prayer) this Spring & it has CHANGED my Bible time. 

Quiet months are amazing. 📚

We were really busy last winter, but when March came, our calendar looked empty so I kept it that way. I quit teaching yoga weekly. I read 11 books. We watched a lot of Netflix. It was the quietest month we’d had in a long time & it refreshed my soul. I’m definitely scheduling one for Fall!

It’s okay to not have a training plan 🏃‍♀️

I have a long history with working out, but or the first time in 5 years, I’m running & cycling again, except there’s no race on the calendar. In fact, I already quit my C25k plan six weeks in just to run & bike & move how my body wants too.
Maybe someday I’ll race again, but I’m learning that for now—movement without a plan is full of joy.

Broadway musicals are just as amazing off-Broadway 🎭

I saw Phantom of the Opera in St. Louis with my mama, & it’s a day I won’t forget!

Camping is my jam⛺️

I grew up camping so when I discovered my hubs loved the outdoors as much as I did, I knew we’d have fun trips. We took a plunge this March, found a sweet deal on a pop-up camper, & started a new adventure! We’ve only camped once, but it reminded me how much time out in the woods changes my perspective. Even one day in nature away from busy, screens, and the norm had me feeling brand new.

Gardening has been an unlikely teacher 🌱

When we bought our house 3 years ago, I drowned in the landscaping. There was so much, I never thought I’d make it all look nice. This year, though, something clicked, & I’ve been outside working evenings at a time. Tiny seeds are coming to life, & I’m learning patience in a way I’ve not had before. The Lord has been good in the blooms & this space. Just like Christ was at Gethsemane, waiting in the garden space, I know there’s hope through this season & the next.

What did you learn this Spring? For more visit @emilypfreeman and the #wwlcommunity

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